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Fear Not

There is a prevailing attitude among Christians in general, and especially among Evangelicals, that faith and hope in Christ mean that somehow, someway, God is going to take negative circumstances and turn them around. Health problems will be resolved, favorable … Continue reading

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Winter’s Shadows

Christmas 2019 As winter’s shadows deepen, and the nights grow cold and long, We pierce the dark with festive lights and cheer our hearts with joyful song; Our souls are warmed with laughter, and the love of friends and kin, … Continue reading

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It was supposed to be a follow-up on a precautionary biopsy, and I wasn’t particularly concerned about the results. Prostate cancer runs in my family, which was the only reason they even did the biopsy at all, but no one … Continue reading

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Morning Star

The blanket of the evening’s dark falls silently upon the ground, As branches reach against the sky, a frame before the starry night – The brightness of the streets has fled, the sidewalks now by lamplight crowned; With daylight’s vision … Continue reading

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The Road To Bethlehem

The weary road stretched on beneath their feet, From day to dusty day along the haggard way, Their goal a tiny village where their folk must meet By edict to be counted, then to pay. But joy would come, a … Continue reading

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In Dark of Night

In dark of night the shepherds watched, their quiet flocks before them spread; A simple life, a simple task, no lofty prospects yet ahead … But angel voice and angel choir broke full upon their quiet eve, With more of … Continue reading

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Ashes Fell Like Snow

I was at work on September 11, 2001, when the call came. I had an appointment in Jersey City that morning, but I hadn’t left for it yet. Our installation manager took the call, and half a minute into it, … Continue reading

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Dealing With Deceit

There are no two ways around it: at some point in your life, you have been deceived, and you will be deceived again. There is something, right now, that you hold in your heart as true, and it is not. … Continue reading

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The Age of Misinformation

This article was originally published in 2012 in the “Focus on Grace” church newsletter. I thought I posted it here long before, and I want to write a followup, so t was important I put it up now. I’ve updated … Continue reading

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Explaining the Gospel

There was once a set of young friends: two boys and two girls, of an age when gender pressures didn’t matter yet. One day, they were playing tag in a playground next to the primary school they attended, and having … Continue reading

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