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In the Wake of Disaster

It’s difficult to wrap one’s mind around the kind of disaster that struck the Gulf Coast in the form of hurricane Katrina this week. To me, it’s like an unexpected punch to the gut…you are shocked, staggered, gasping for breath; … Continue reading

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Making Things With Light

When I was a wee lad, I wanted a Lite-Brite something awful. I dreamed of the cool things I would make, and how great it would be to light my creations in a dark room. I was a long while … Continue reading

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Beauty and Grace

I like my coffee, and I make sure I get it at least a couple times a day. One of the guys in my office earnestly laid out a proposal once that I get a coffee maker to set up … Continue reading

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Who’s the Insane One?

My first reaction on reading this article was complete horror; once that settled down, I thought it was much like the incident described in my last post: someone let their emotions get the better of them, and they did something … Continue reading

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Why would you throw your life away?

It’s been all over the news, how they finally caught up to and captured George and Jennifer Hyatte. It comes as no great surprise – the things Mrs. Hyatte allegedly did to break her husband out of prison were nothing … Continue reading

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Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself

I found myself facing a few uncommitted hours this weekend, and of course, all the things that I have been procrastinating over during the week came immediately to mind: I have a story in the works that is in dire … Continue reading

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