In Dark of Night

In dark of night the shepherds watched, their quiet flocks before them spread;
A simple life, a simple task, no lofty prospects yet ahead …
But angel voice and angel choir broke full upon their quiet eve,
With more of joy and triumph than their hearts could once conceive.

In gray of day we spend our lives, our busy tasks before us cast;
Our aspirations fill our hearts, and dreams of better lives at last …
But oh, so often, hopes fall flat, a crumbling tower built on sand,
And leave us with the stark remains of things we once felt well in hand.

In light of life the Savior came to shatter sin and open doors
The shout of glory in His work an angel choir underscores;
The infant in a manger stall, though wondrous in His time and place,
Was but a prelude to the song of joyful and eternal grace.

Copyright © 2016 David B. Hawthorne
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